PGC Data Portal


The Pleasant Grove Creek (PGC) Data Portal is designed to allow user's to become familar with Pleasant Grove Creek and the issues affecting the PGC Watershed


Pleasant Grove Creek is located in Logan County, Kentucky. The creek does not meet the water quality standards of the EPA or State of Kentucky and has been placed on their 303(d) list since 2002. The purpose of this Watershed Plan is to improve water quality and thereby remove Pleasant Grove Creek from the EPA’s list of Impaired Waters. By restoring the water quality, the watershed will meet EPA and State standards throughout the stream. Water quality improvements will be attempted by implementing riparian and sinkhole protection Best Management Practices (BMPs) by using focused implementation of these practices, and by monitoring water quality and habitat recovery. The stream faces many water quality challenges because it is surrounded by agriculture and is situated in an area of major karst terrain. The close interaction between the surface and the ground water in the basin complicates water-quality monitoring, and selecting and implementing the appropriate BMPs. The close interaction of surface and ground water also impedes the process of understanding the varied sources of watershed pollutants. In this portion of the watershed, it is important to pay close attention to the surface and ground water interaction; therefore, the process has been a consideration in every part of planning.

Pleasant Grove Creek is an interrupted stream, which resurfaces out of a karst aquifer (spring site) about 2.4 miles from its confluence with the Red River. The watershed is situated in the Mississippian Plateau (also known as Pennyroyal or Pennyrile) in the Kentucky portion of the Red River watershed, which is located in south-western Kentucky and north-western Tennessee, southwest of Adairville, Kentucky.